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Bodies sale a la venta hoy / Bodies is released today

Posted on: 12 octubre, 2009

Bodies: el nuevo single de Robbie sale a la venta hoy

12 Oct 2009

Front Cover of Bodies by Robbie Williams

Robbie dijo hace un tiempo en su blog que no penaba que Bodies podía ser un single, pero Trevor Horn (el productor del nuevo álbum Reality Killed the Video Star) dijo "Inicialmente no pensamos que Bodies podía ser el primer single. Pero después con algunos cambios de instrumentos electrónicos a instrumentos tradicionales, inmediatamente a todos les gustó y a Robbie le encantó".

Es por eso que hoy estamos súper contentos – Bodies, es el primer single de Robbie y sale a la venta hoy!

Bodies está disponible en dos formatos: CD y formato digital para bajar. El CD tiene la versi´n original de Bodies y dos versiones remixadas.



Bodies: Robbie’s New Single Is Released Today

12 Oct 2009

 Front Cover of Bodies by Robbie Williams


Robbie told us in his blog that he didn’t think Bodies was going to be a single, even Trevor Horn (who produced Robbie’s  forthcoming album, Reality Killed The Video Star) said: "Bodies was a rank outsider. Initially, we were definitely not considering it as the first single, but I tried changing from electronic instruments to real instruments and it suddenly blew everyone’s heads off and Robbie loved it."

That’s why today we’re super-excited – Bodies is Robbie’s new single and, after what seems like forever, it’s finally released today!

Taken from his forthcoming album Reality Killed The Video Star, Bodies is available in two formats: CD and digital download.

The CD features the Bodies single version plus the barnstorming Body Double Remix, whilst, in addition to these two tracks, the digital download also includes the Fred Falke Remix too.

If you’ve pre-ordered your copy of Robbie’s single you’ll have no doubt already picked it up from your digital retailer or be looking forward to the post arriving.

If you haven’t bought it yet you can order it via amazon.com or iTunes.com, or head out to your local record store.


Source: http://www.robbiewilliams.com




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