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Remixes de canciones de Robbie

Remixes of Robbie’s songs


Estos los encontré yo. El primero de la lista es mi favorito.

I found these. The first of the list is my fav.


"The trouble with me" by Nathan Jay

"Rudebox" by Chris and Steve Dagger


"Advertising space" remix by Nathan Jay

"Advertising space" ambient remix by Nathan Jay

"Burslem normals" ambient remix by Nathan Jay

"She’s Madonna" remix by Nathan Jay

"The 80’s" remix by Nathan Jay

"World’s a disco" by Nathan Jay



Esta lista la posteó Tinkerbell en RW.com/forum

This list was post by Tinkerbell on RW.com/forum


The Song Name of the Remix Track Length Other remix that it is identical to (because I got identical remixes under different names)

Advertising Space * Orchestral Version 04:36
Advertising Space * DJ Thunder Remix [LOrEnZo EDiT] 06:46
Advertising Space * Robbie Williams vs Soul Asylum Martinn Mash-Up 04:26
Angels Acoustic 04:23
Angels Bootleg Remix 05:42 2000 Bootleg Mix
Angels Braun Mix2 04:24 Braun Mix3
Angels Braun Mix3 04:28 Braun Mix2
Angels Chris Mix 04:25 Angels
Angels Vrid Producers Remix 05:13
Better Man Dance Mix 04:55
Better Man Schtung Remix ft. Asha 04:36
Bongo Bong And Je Ne T’aime Plus Fredde Le Grande Remix 07:10
Bongo Bong And Je Ne T’aime Plus Remix 04:34
Bongo Bong And Je Ne T’aime Plus Noisia Vocal Remix 05:58
Bongo Bong And Je Ne T’aime Plus Dj Bida Funkymix 05:26
Burslem Normals Ambient Mix 04:23 Nathan Jay Ambient House Mix
Burslem Normals Nathan Jay Euro Pop Remix 04:55
Burslem Normals Nathan Jay Ambient House Mix 04:17 Ambient Mix
Cheap Love Song Kurzversion 03:28
Come Undone Radio Edit 03:58
Come Undone US Album Version 04:33
Come Undone Come Lose Yourself 06:09
Could It Be Magic Take That Donna – White Label Mix 11:44 Take That vs Donna Sommer
Could It Be Magic / Everything Changes Party Remix (incl. Relight My Fire, Could It Be Magic, It Only Takes A Minute, Everything Changes) 07:14
Eternity Orchestral Version 05:37
Falling In Bed (Again) Again Mix 03:30 Falling in Bed (Again)
Feel Remix feat 50 Cent 04:24
Feel Wigan Pier Dance Remix 05:49
Feel Fresh Remix 04:03 Indigo Sky Remix?
Feel Saint Ken Christmas Version 04:56 Saint Ken’s X-mas Remix, Saint Ken Mix
Feel Bachata Remix 04:15
Feel Salsa Remix ![Dj Pe Remix] 04:35
Feel Salsa Remix 04:08
Feel Dj Lgv mix 2003 03:36
Feel 2003 Club Remix Gay 03:54
Feel Dirty Harry Club Mix 04:43 Promiseland Remix / Hardstyle Remix / Remix
Feel DJ TMF Fresh Remix 04:50 DJ TMF Fresh Remix
Feel Franky 1 Remix 04:23
Feel Hardstyle Remix 04:40 Promiseland Remix / Dirty Harry Club Mix / Remix
Feel Indigo Sky Remix 04:03 Fresh Remix
Feel Neon 2001 Rap Remix 04:44
Feel Promiseland Remix 04:43 Dirty Harry Club Mix / Hardstyle Remix / Remix
Feel Radio Edit 03:42
Feel Radio Mix 04:22 Radio Version
Feel Radio Version 04:20 Radio Mix
Feel Remix 04:40 Promiseland Remix / Dirty Harry Club Mix / Hardstyle Remix
Feel Remix by DJ Gabi Vegas & DJ TMF 04:50
Feel Saint Ken Mix 04:56 Saint Ken’s X-mas Remix, Saint Ken Christmas Version
Feel Saint Ken’s Club Mix Edit 03:04
Feel Saint Ken’s X-mas Remix 04:56 Saint Ken Mix, Saint Ken Christmas Version
Feel (nur eines von vielen Liedern) Dj Mao Megamix Hits 2003 (Gloster – Metro Area – Salif Keita – T Hurts – Lenny Kravitz – Celine Dion – Robbie Williams) Rap Hip Hop R&B Dance Techno Remix 01:02:22
Freedom Acoustic 05:54 The Next Big Gen Mix
Freedom Arthur Baker Mix 05:24
Freedom Instrumental 05:22
Freedom Remix 05:54
Freedom The Next Big Gen Mix 05:54 Acoustic
Freedom Arthurs Shake And Bake 07:32
I Found Heaven Classic 12" Mix 06:25
Kids Saint Ken’s Radio Remix 03:57
Kids Saint Ken Remix 06:13
Kiss Me DirtyHands Alternative Intro Maxi-Mix 07:37
Let Me Entertain You Amethyst’s Dub 07:49
Let Me Entertain You Full Length Version 05:19
Let Me Entertain You Remix 04:16
Let Me Entertain You Robbie Loves His Mother Mix 07:49
Let Me Entertain You Stretch’n’Vern’s Rock’n’Roll Mix 11:09
Let Me Entertain You The Bizzarro Mix 05:51
Love Cheat Demo Version 03:42 Love Cheat
Lovelight Dark Horse Remix 06:27
Lovelight DJ A2B Funkymix 2006 04:13
Lovelight Jer Mix Lover Discotech Promo Remix 03:43
Lovelight Kurd Maverick Vocal 06:49
Lovelight Pigio Remix 03:47
Lovelight Soul Mekanik Mekanikal Remix 06:10
Lovelight Soulwax Ravelight Dub 06:32
Lovelight Soulwax Ravelight Vocal 06:56
Lovelight Kurd Mavericks Club Mix 08:06
Lovelight Kurd Mavericks Main Mix 06:47
Lovelight Soulwax Ravelight Remix 05:10 Soulwax Ravelight Dub (gekürzt)
Lovelight House Remix 06:21
Man For All Seasons Radio Edit 03:58 Man For All Seasons
Millennium 2000 Remix 07:42 Thunderpuss 2000 Remix / Thunderpuss Mix
Millennium Alt Mix 03:58 Alternative Mix
Millennium Alternative Mix 04:02 Alt Mix
Millennium Remix 04:39
Millennium Thunderpuss 2000 Remix 07:42 Thunderpuss Mix / 2000 Remix
Millennium Thunderpuss Mix 07:42 Thunderpuss 2000 Remix / 2000 Remix
My Culture DJ Sandstorm Remix 04:14
My Culture Goldtrix Main Mix 04:59
Never Touch That Switch * Dark Horse Remix 04:34 Dark Horse Dub, Dark Horse Dub Fft (langsamer)
Never Touch That Switch * Switch Remix 05:12
Never Touch That Switch * Dark Horse Dub Fft 04:23 Switch Remix (langsamer), Dark Horse Dub (langsamer)
Never Touch That Switch * Dark Horse Dub 04:38 Dark Horse Remix, Dark Horse Dub Fft (schneller)
Never Touch That Switch * Nightmoves Remix 06:48 Nightmoves’ Liars Club Remix
Never Touch That Switch * Nightmoves’ Liars Club Remix 06:53 Nightmoves Remix
Never Touch That Switch * Switch Remix ELECTRO 04:58 Switch Remix (Ende abgeschnitten)
No Regrets Pet Shop Boys Mix 05:11 No Regrets
Nobody Someday Film Version 01:57
Often Acoustic (Live in the Dressing Room) 02:50
Radio Maloney Remix 05:40
Radio Mix 04:47 Sam La More Jumpin’ Radio Mix
Radio Sam La More Jumpin’ Radio Mix 04:47 Mix
Radio Sam La More Thumpin Club Dub 05:53
Radio Massey Mix 06:33 Graham Massey Remix
Radio Graham Massey Remix 06:33 Massey Mix
Rock DJ AMU Club Remix 05:05
Rock DJ Club Mix 04:16 Jason Nevins Club Mix
Rock DJ Dance Traxx Remix 04:50
Rock DJ DJ Remix House Remix 04:35 House Remix
Rock DJ House Remix 04:35 DJ Remix House Remix
Rock DJ Jason Nevins Club Mix 04:14 Club Mix
Rock DJ Jason Nevins Mix 06:46 Nevins Club Mix Cheesemeister
Rock DJ Madonna vs. Robbie Williams Megamix 07:36 Robbie Williams vs. Kraftwerk vs Madonna
Rock DJ Nevins Club Mix Cheesemeister 06:51 Jason Nevins Mix
Rock DJ Player One Remix 05:37 Remix
Rock DJ Relaxing Rock DJ (05’56 Remix by DMC) 05:56
Rock DJ Remix (1) 05:37 Player One Remix
Rock DJ Remix (2) 04:19 Rock DJ
Rock DJ Robbie Williams vs. Kraftwerk vs Madonna 07:36 Madonna vs. Robbie Williams Megamix
Rock DJ Saint Ken ****s Rob Remix 03:56
Rock DJ Dance Traxx DJ Mix 05:15
Rome Munich Rome Munich Mix 03:07 Rome Munich Rome
Rudebox Speeka Remix 05:22
Rudebox Hitmixers vs Robbie Williams-Rudebox Tack 1 06:13
Rudebox SexyBack vs Rudebox 03:50
Rudebox IL Hot DBM Remixxx 04:23
Rudebox Booty House Mix 06:48
Rudebox Chicken Lips Malfunction 08:38
Rudebox Chicken Lips Malfunction Dub 08:47 Chicken Lips Dub Malfunction, Chicken Lips Malfunction Mix
Rudebox Instrumental 04:43
Rudebox Riton Mix 06:03
Rudebox Soul Mekanik Extended Dub 05:55 Soul Mekanik Mix
Rudebox Soul Mekanik Dub 01:16
Rudebox Soul Mekanik Extended Vocal 06:38 Soul Mekanik Extended Vocal Mix
Rudebox White Label Dub 04:10
Rudebox Clean Radio Edit 03:46
Rudebox Franky’s Dub Mix Edit 03:54
Rudebox Nudisco Dub Mix 07:37
Rudebox Trentemöller Remix 06:03
Rudebox Sexy Rude Back Box (Mixed by KwK) 03:56
Sexed Up Acoustic 03:51
Sexed Up Demoversion 03:31 Original Version
Sexed Up Donner Mix 05:11
Sexed Up Radio Edit 04:18 ?
She’s Madonna Pigio Mix 04:21
She’s Madonna I’m A Pet Shop Boy-Mix by German Homer 07:00
She’s Madonna Andreotti’s 5 minutes Forge Mix 05:34
She’s Madonna Tiga Remix 07:13
She’s Madonna Saint Ken XTD Remix 10:19
She’s Madonna Saint Ken Re-Mix 08:16
She’s Madonna She’s Madonna Erotica (Saint Ken Mash) – Robbie Williams vs Madonna vs Ciara 08:29
She’s Madonna * Dark Horse Remix 04:53
She’s Madonna * Kris Menace Vocal Re-Interpretation 04:25
She’s Madonna * Kris Menace Remix 05:37 Kris Menace Dub Remix, Chris Menace Dub
She’s Madonna * Chris Lake Remix 07:58
She’s Madonna * Kris Menace Dub Remix 05:37 Kris Menace Remix, Chris Menace Dub
She’s Madonna * Kris Menace Dub 05:39 Chris Menace Remix, Chris Menace Dub Remix
She’s Madonna * Saint Ken Remix 08:31
She’s The One DJ Pe Bachata Remix 03:15
Sin Sin Sin Chris Coco’s On Tour Mix 06:00
Sin Sin Sin Instrumental 04:05
Sin Sin Sin Sentience Lonely Mix 04:22
Sin Sin Sin Metatron Remix 06:51
Sin Sin Sin Radio Edit 04:04
Sin Sin Sin Single Version 04:06
Sin Sin Sin Chris Conos Radio Mix 04:16
Somethin’ Stupid DJ Mushi Club Mix 02:57
Somethin’ Stupid Extended Mix 08:44 Xtndd Mix
Somethin’ Stupid Mix Down 04:43
Somethin’ Stupid Xtndd Mix 08:44 Extended Mix
South Of The Border 187 Lockdown Borderline Mix 06:21
South Of The Border Mother’s Milkin’ It Mix 07:09
Supreme DJ Albo DJ Golan Old School Remix 05:15 Remix PROPIO
Supreme Mats Man Mix 04:09
Supreme Pride Remix (PROPIO) 05:36 St.Kennedy Gay Pride / Remix / Saint Ken Extended Gay Pride Mix
Supreme Remix 05:40 St.Kennedy Gay Pride / Pride Remix (PROPIO) / Saint Ken Extended Gay Pride Mix
Supreme Remix PROPIO 05:15 DJ Albo DJ Golan Old School Remix
Supreme Saint Ken Extended Gay Pride Mix 05:36 St.Kennedy Gay Pride / Pride Remix (PROPIO) / Remix
There Are Bad Times Just Around The Corner Mix 04:36 There are Bad Times Just Around the Corner
Tripping DJ oiraM Remix [Graz – Austria] 04:26
Tripping Dj Pich! + Batan Club Dub 06:28
Tripping Jim Tonique Remix 2006 06:53
Tripping Remix 1 05:43
Tripping P-PhiL French House Pitch Remix 2006 04:29 P-PhiL French House White Label Remix

Tripping P-PhiL French House White Label Remix 04:29 P-PhiL French House Pitch Remix 2006
Tripping Dance Remix II 04:44 Dance Remix Ii, Dance Remix
Tripping Dj Preach Remix b1 – Drum 05:08
Tripping White Label Exclusive Special Djac Remix 130bpm – Jose 05:45
Tripping Remix 06:18
Tripping Radio Edit 04:06
Tripping Dance Remix Ii 04:44 Dance Remix II, Dance Remix
Tripping Dance Remix 04:44 Dance Remix II, Dance Remix Ii
Tripping Mixer Zone DJ Kairuz® 04:54
Tripping Tripping Potemkin (Saint Ken Mash) 10:55
Trouble Robbie vs Elvis 01:50
United Apollo Four Forty Remix 05:38 Pepsi Exclusive
We Are The Champions Remix Extended 05:33 Extended Mix
We Are The Champions Wolves Playoff Mix 03:41
We Are The Champions Extended Mix 05:33 Remix Extended
We’re The Pet Shop Boys Alternative Demo 04:39

Some more that I haven’t listened to yet:

Advertising Space Club Mix
Feel DJ Puddy Remix
Freedom Arthur Baker’ Shake and Bake Mix ?Arthurs Shake And Bake?
Millennium Extended Dance Remix
My Culture Goldtrix Maxi Mix
Never Touch That Switch Dark Horse Dub Mix ?Dark Horse Remix, Dark Horse Dub?
Sexed Up DJ Glaucio vs. Robbie Williams Drum Bass Mix
South Of The Border Phil ‘The Kick Drum’ Dane + Matt Smith’s Nose Dub
Supreme Saint Ken Extended Mix ?St.Kennedy Gay Pride / Remix / Saint Ken Extended Gay Pride Mix, Pride Remix?
Lovelight Soul Seekerz Radio Remix
Lovelight Soul Seekerz Dub Remix
Lovelight Soul Seekerz Vocal Remix

And here are the remixes of more than one song:

Escapology Mix 2003 1:19:45
The Remixes in the Mix by DJ JB (from purerobbie) 49:02
The Showman in the Mix 1:12:05
Life Thru A Lens Remix 05:41
B-Sides Remix 07:11
Intensive Care Remix 06:46
Escapology Remix 06:14
Robbie Remix 04:56
Rudebox Remix 08:21
Rudebox93 13:38
Deep Robbie Williams Megamix Bootleg 1:19:38


Thank you <Tinkerbell>



Robbie participó hoy (26 Nov. 2009) como invitado en la entrega de premios de la industria discográfica australiana, cantando una canción como parte del espectáculo. Así los presentes en el Acer Arena escucharon a la estrella británica cantar Bodies… y sus fans deliraron.
Los premios que entrega la ARIA (Australian Recording Industry Association) son un reconocimiento a la innovación y la excelencia en todos los géneros de la música de ese país.
Robbie caminó por la alfombre roja y aquí están algunas de las imágenes.
Thank you Marika (Diario Italiano di Robbie Williams) for the photos.


Robbie cantó ayer en el Metro Theater de Sydney (Australia)



En un concierto íntimo, para 1.200 personas, Robbie cantó ayer (25 de noviembre de 2009) en forma brillante durante 90 minutos.

El sonido fue asombroso y él se veía increíble. Relajado, divertido, fantástico…

Como siempre, interactuó con sus fans, y en un momento les pidió que eligieran cuál querían que fuese el tercer single de RKTVS: Morning Sun o Starstruck. Así, después de escuchar la respuesta del público, dijo: “Sydney a votado. El tercer single sería Starstruck”.


Algunas de las canciones fueron:


Morning Sun
Come Undone
No Regrets
You Know Me
Rock DJ
Ninja’s (Angels)
Wont Do That


Human (cover)



ROBBIE WILLIAMS at The Metro Theatre

26 Nov. 2009

ROBBIE WILLIAMS at the Metro? News the stadium-filling singer would play a venue fitting just 1200 people surprised everyone.

But the British pop star seemed entirely comfortable last night in the tighter space. He brought a bright confidence and playful verve to the stage for a show with an air of genuine rarity in a music scene full of gigs touted as "special".

In darkness set to moody atmospherics, the silhouette of Williams followed a band scaled down to fit on a smaller stage before launching into the pulsing new single Bodies. The singer jived playfully, shimmying with the microphone stand and leading waves of the audience’s arms.

“Good evening everybody – how the f—in’ hell are you feelin’?” he asked the roaring crowd after the first number, before declaring he would “entertain the shit out of you”.

Strike-a-pose moments, karate postures, quick shuffles and crotch grabs were among the moves as he continued with casual yet energised drive in a setlist that shifted from his new album, Reality Killed the Video Star, to past favourites such as Come Undone and left-field picks such as Walk on the Wild Side.

The relatively intimate surrounds – tickets to the show were limited in a credit-card promotion – and lack of the usual horn and string sections only enhanced the punch and drive of a hook-laden set delivered with a nice clarity of sound against the backdrop of a simple red drape.

Tonight Williams performs at the local music world’s trophy night, the ARIA Awards, at the more staid Acer Arena in Homebush, but last night the one-time member of the British boy band Take That brought his trademark cheek and wit in spades. There was little sign Williams had lost any of his stage charisma or vocal strength during the three-year sabbatical that preceded his return to performing this year.

Looking casual almost to the point of being dishevelled in jeans and a blue shirt, the 35-year-old with several stints in rehab behind him appeared healthy and certainly – in contrast to his 2006 Australian shows for his coolly received album Rudebox – interested and engaged.

“Don’t call it a comeback,” Williams entreats on a new song, Last Days of Disco. However it is construed, he’s in impressive form and clearly hungry for his return.

source – http://www.smh.com.au/articles/2009/…824755520.html


< Thank you Pure Robbie >




Último blog de Robbie

Last Robbie’s blog




Qué semana brillante… El recital de Children In Need (junto a Take That en el Royal Albert Hall) fue lo más divertido que he tenido en mucho tiempo… Así también Loose Woman (presentación en el programa de ese nombre del canal ITV1).

Similar backstage, íntimo y relajado.


Y la carrera por el número 1 en el Reino Unido?

No pudimos hacerlo por apenas 1.500… Cuán cerca estuvo eso?


Lo llamé a Marvi para que hablara con lo chicos de JLS y les diera mis felicitaciones. Ellos estaban muy contentos y eso me hizo sentir bien por ellos…

Estuve un poco amargado/hecho polvo por media hora porque sabía cuan duro habían trabajado todos… desde EMI pasando por la gente de gestión hasta todos ustedes que me apoyan y compraron mi álbum…

Luego vi la gran imagen y me di cuenta de la gran semana que ha sido… El álbum va muy bien en todo el mundo y me siento muy gratificado y tocado emocionalmente por todo el apoyo


Gracias, gracias, gracias…


y gracias x


PD: Siento que a la mayor parte de ustedes les gusta el álbum…y

Esa es la mejor parte de mi trabajo….. ; )



Fuente: http://www.robbiewilliams.com



Al 19 de noviembre de 2009 estos son los puestos que ocupa Reality Killed The Video Star



Reality Killed The Video Star entra al primer puesto del chart mundial.

Con  400.000 copias vendidas. Una semana en el 1° puesto.



Otra fuente a tener en cuenta para la clasificación de ventas de discos a nivel mundial es Mediatraffic y allí el detalle es el siguiente para RKTVS.


Finland #3
Ireland #6
Belgium Flanders #12
Belgium Wallonia #17
Australia #1
UK #2
Italy #2
the Netherlands #1
Germany #1
New Zealand #7
Swiss #1
Austria #1
Norway #6
France #2
Russia #10
Czech Republic #2
Portugal #7
Spain #7
US #160 (digital alone)
Canada #57 (digital alone)
Denmark #3
Sweden #2
Europe #1


Robbie Williams debuta en el primer puesto del chart Billboard europeo



El regreso de Robbie Williams al ranking de ventas de álbumes de la Billboard europea se produce con el debut en el 1° puesto con Reality Killed The Video Star.


No obstante la espectacular venta de 238.000 copias en le Reino Unido (una gran diferencia respecto de las 147.000 copias de su predecesor Rudebox) el nuevo álbum no alcanzó el primer puesto en la primer semana por una diferencia de sólo 1.517 unidades respecto de la nueva boyband británica JLS.




Esta es la traducción de una pequeña parte de la extensa nota que fue publicada en la revista del diario londinense Daily Telegraph y que está completa en inglés en RW.com.




Robbie habló recientemente con Chris Heath (autor de su biografía Feel y compañero de chat en su MSN) acerca del amor, la vida y todo lo que hay entre ellos, incluso su nuevo álbum Reality Killed The Video Star, y su regreso a los escenarios, como parte de una reveladora entrevista para la revista del Telegraph.

La entrevista completa en inglés está en la página oficial de Robbie




Confesiones de un adicto al éxito

publicada el 7 de noviembre de 2009


Por Chris Heath


Justamente hace tres años –por una complicada, superposición de razones y circunstancias que involucraban amor, pánico escénico, adicción, barba, OVNIs, donas y un urgente deseo de explorar cómo es la vida cuando no eres una estrella pop- Robbie Williams poco más o menos desapareció de la vida publica. Él había sido famoso desde los 18 años de edad cuando tuvo su primer single top10 (…) Él necesitaba para un poco, y eso hizo.

El último día de San Valentín, un día después de haber cumplido 35 años, llevó a su novia a ver un partido de fútbol entre Brentford y Port vale, el equipo del que es hincha desde pequeño. Durante el juego, la multitud se enteró de que él estaba allí, y comenzó a cantarle

“Ya no eres más famoso…”, le cantaron.

Siendo Robbie Williams no aceptó en silencio los insultos de los hinchas del Brentford. En cambio, un coro de uno, se divirtió contestándoles

“Tengo más fans que ustedes”, les  devolvió.


Todavía… Ya no eres más famoso. Esto lo hizo reírse – era gracioso, al menos debido a su lógica encantadoramente falsa en el hecho de reconocer a alguien y luego decirle que ya no tiene fama – pero él era consciente que, con todo el tiempo que había estado lejos y todo lo que había sido dicho sobre él en su ausencia, esto era ahora una percepción absolutamente verdadera.



Como Williams a dicho, las primeras semanas después de un tour era siempre “un horrendo venirse abajo. Es difícil liberarse de la rutina: A las 8 tu cuerpo se enciende y vas hacia adelante: ‘Hey! Todos! Déjenme entretenerlos!!!’. Y no sabes que hacer. Estás saltando por las paredes”. Este tiempo fue el pero. Con el agregado “Oh, soy adicto, también. Y estoy destruido, realmente”.


El 13 de febrero de 2007, su manager sacó un comunicado diciendo: Robbie Williams ha sido admitido hoy en un centro de tratamiento en Estados Unidos por su adicción a los medicamentos. No habrá más comentarios acerca de este tema”.(…)


(Yo lo había visitado la semana previa. El estaba encantador y autoconsciente pero en una forma terrible y preocupante). El día que su manager intervino, tenían un avión esperándolo para llevarlo a una clínica en Arizona.”Y esto era exasperante”, dijo él, “porque yo estaba en este estado otra vez, estaba donde estuve varias veces antes. Y era embarazoso tener que ir a rehabilitación otra vez, sabiendo que ya ha estado así y sabiendo qué es lo que viene, y sabiendo el aburrimiento que tendrá mientras esté allí, y sintiendo miedo de la gente con la que uno va a estar allí. Vas a llevarte bien con alguien? Alguien será tu tipo de loco de remate?

Porque son todos locos de remate, incluido yo mismo.

Pienso que todos piensan que rehabilitación es un lugar un poco como una granja/estancia/rancho para la salud adónde vas y eres mimado. Estaba en una sala de hospital con otras cuatro personas en camas individuales, y es horrendo allí. Y ahí estaba en ese avión volando hacia Arizona pateando mucha veces el puto asiento delante de mí  porque no podía creer que me había permitido a mí mismo estar en esa posición otra vez”.

Qué habría pasado si no hubieras entrado (a rehabilitación)?

“Estaría muerto ahora”.

En serio?


Qué habría pasado?

Sobredosis. Las drogas le hacen un montón de cosas extrañas a la química de tu cerebro y tu cuerpo y tu alma, y una de las cosas es: “Bueno, si voy, he tenido uno bueno…” Es así de hecho. Escuché a alguien decir en una reunión de AA (Alcohólicos Anónimos), “No te suicides; en una semana y media estarás matando a la persona equivocada”. Pero no era una cuestión de ser aún un suicida. Justamente no me molestó – no me molestó si mataba a la persona correcta o no. Tú sabes, soy un experimentado en la terapia de la adicción – Lo he estado haciendo por un largo tiempo. Mi primera admisión fue cuando tenía 19 años, y ahora estaba a los 32, peor de lo que estaba entonces”.

Sientes que esto está más lejos detrás de ti, o es justamente algo en lo que vas a tener que seguir pensando?

Hace una pausa. “Pienso que es algo en lo que tendré que seguir pensando. Es algo clásico que se dice: esto nunca está detrás tuyo”.



Copyright: Telegraph Group Ltd


This is a little part of the great interview released on november on Telegraph Magazine, and which you can complete read in english on RW.com

Robbie recently talked to Chris Heath (author of his biography Feel and ‘chat partner’ on his MSN webchat in 2002) about love, life and everything in between, including his new album, Reality Killed The Video Star, and his return to the limelight, as part of an in-depth interview for the Telegraph Magazine.

The great news is that the full interview, Confessiones of a success addict, has now been added to the Interviews section of RobbieWilliams.com




Confessions of a success addict

released 7 nov. 2009


by Chris Heath


Just under three years ago – for a complicated, overlapping series of reasons and circumstances that would come to involve love, stage fright, addiction, facial hair, kaftans, UFOs, doughnuts and an emerging desire to explore what life is like when you’re not being a pop star – Robbie Williams more or less disappeared from public life. He had been famous since the age of 18 when he had his first top-10 single as one fifth of the boy band Take That, and had found himself relentlessly stoking that fame ever since, with remarkable success. He needed to take a break, and so he did.

Last Valentine’s Day, the day after his 35th birthday, he took his girlfriend to Brentford Football Club to see Brentford play Port Vale, the team he has supported since childhood. Port Vale lost 2-0. During the game, the crowd noticed he was there, and started singing at him.

‘You’re not famous any more…’ they sang. ‘You’re not famous any more.’

Being Robbie Williams, he didn’t just accept the Brentford supporters’ taunt in silence. Instead, a choir of one, he enjoyed singing back.

‘I’ve got more fans than you,’ he went. ‘I’ve got more fans than you…’

That was one retort.

‘I’ll buy you and turn you into a Tesco.’

That was another.

Still… You’re not famous any more. It made him laugh – it was funny, not least because of its lovely false logic in recognising someone and then pointing out their lack of fame – but he was aware that, with all the time he had been away and all that had been said about him in his absence, this was now a fairly common perception.

Characteristically, he also wasn’t sure whether he was more worried that it was true, or more worried that it wasn’t.



As Williams tells it, the first few weeks off tour are always ‘a horrendous comedown’. It’s hard to break free from the routine: ‘At eight o’clock your body switches on and goes, “HEY! EVERYBODY! LET MEEEE ENTERTAIN YOUUUUU!’ And you don’t know what to do. You’re bouncing off the walls.’ This time was worse. ‘With the added, “Oh, I’ve got a dependency, as well.” And I was pretty broken, really.’

On February 13 2007 his management put out a statement saying, in full: Robbie Williams has today been admitted into a treatment centre in America for his dependency on prescription drugs. There will be no further comment on this matter.’ In many places this information was treated as some kind of self-obsessed, semi-comic publicity stunt. It was, for instance, repeated over and over – without evidence or justification – that his addiction was to Red Bull and coffee. A quote in the tabloids from his long-term bete noire, Take That’s ex-manager, Nigel Martin-Smith, encapsulated these reactions: ‘He’s very theatrical. His whole life is one huge soap opera… He might be after a bit of sympathy. If I was a Robbie fan I wouldn’t be worried. He’ll go to his rehab, have a lie-down and a couple of Anadins and he’ll be fine.’

Perhaps one blessing of how he really was is that he was in no state to be reading all of this. He’d prefer to be no more specific about his problem other than it was ‘a dependence on prescription medication’, but it was a serious one. (I’d visited him the previous week. He was charming and self-knowing but clearly in a terrible, worrying way.) On the day his managers intervened, they already had a plane waiting to take him to a clinic in Arizona. Before they even had a chance to tell him why they were there, he told them he knew, and that he’d go.

‘And it was infuriating,’ he says, ‘because I’d got in that state again, I’d got to where I’d been so many times before. And it’s embarrassing to have to go to rehab again, knowing that you’ve already been, and knowing what’s to come, and knowing the boredom that you’re going to have while you’re there, and being scared about the people that are going to be in there. Are you going to get on with anybody? Is anybody going to be your kind of nutter? Because they’re all nutters, including myself.

I think everyone thinks rehab’s this place that’s a bit like a health farm where you go and get pampered. I was in a hospital ward with four other people in single beds, and it’s horrendous in there. And there I was on this aeroplane being flown to Arizona kicking the f***ing seat in front of me so many times because I couldn’t believe I’d allowed myself to get in that position again.’

What would have happened if you hadn’t gone in?

‘I’d be dead now.’



What would have happened?

‘Overdose. Drugs do an awful lot of weird things to the chemistry of your mind and your body and your soul, and one of the things is, “Well, if I go, I’ve had a good one…” It’s that matter-of-fact. I’ve heard somebody say in AA meetings, “Don’t commit suicide; in a week and a half you’ll be killing the wrong person.” But it wasn’t a question of being even suicidal, I just wasn’t bothered – I wasn’t bothered if I killed the right person or not. You know, I’m well-versed in the psychology of addiction – I’ve been doing it a long time. First admitting it to myself when I was 19, and here I was at 32, worse than I was then.’

Do you feel like it’s further behind you, or is it something that you’re just going to have to keep thinking about?

He pauses. ‘I think it’s something that I’m going to have to keep thinking about. It’s a classic thing to say: it’s never behind you.’



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