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B-Sides, Covers and Live songs -list-

Posted on: 8 noviembre, 2009




AVERAGE B-SIDES— (Written by Robbie Williams/K King)
ANTMUSIC— (Written by Adam & Marco Pirroni/Cover by Robbie Williams)
APPLIANCE OF SCIENCE— (Written by Robbie Williams/Max beesley)
ANGELS (SPANISH MIX) — (Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers)
ARE YOU GONNA GO MY WAY— (Written by Tom Jones/sang by Tom Jones/Robbie Williams)
ANGELS (Acoustic Version) — (Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers)
ANGELS (Live)—(Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers)
AIN’T TO PROUD TO BEG (Live) — (Sang With Lenny Henry)
A MAN FOR ALL SEASONS— (Written by Robbie Williams)

BETTER DAYS— (Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers)
BACK FOR GOOD— (Written by Take That/Cover by Robbie
BERLINER STAR— (Written by Robbie Williams/Boots Ottestad)
BIG BEEF— (Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers)
BAG FULL OF SILLY—( Written by Robbie Williams/Steven Duffy/C. Heath)
BEAUTIFUL DAY (Live)— (Written by U2/Cover by Robbie Williams)
BREAK AMERICA — (by Robbie Williams)

( c )
CHEMICAL DEVOTION— (Written by Robbie Williams/Nick Lashley)
COKE AND TEARS— (Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers)
COME TAKE ME OVER— (Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers)
COFFEE, TEA & SYMPATHY— (Written by Robbie Williams/B Morrison/G Ballard)
CHEAP LOVE SONGS— (Written by Robbie Williams/Owen Morris/C Abbot)
COME FLY WITH ME— (Written by Sammy Cahan/Edward Chester Babcock/Cover by Robbie Williams)
COME TOGETHER—(Bobby Mcfarin/feat Robbie Williams)

DECEIVING IS BELIVING— (Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers)
DO ME NOW— (Written by Robbie Williams/Boots Ottestad/Billy Morrison)
DON’T DO LOVE— (Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers)
DANCE WITH THE DEVIL— (Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers)
DON’T SAY NO—(Written by Robbie Williams/Steven Duffy)
DON’T STOP TALKING—(Sang by Robbie Williams for T-Mobile)
DO THEY KNOW IT’S XMAS —(Sang by Robbie Williams and band aid)

ETERNITY (ORCHESTRAL MIX) — (Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers) 
EVERYTIME WE SAY GOODBYE— (Written by Cole Porter/Cover by Robbie Williams)

FALLING IN BED (AGAIN) — (Written by Robbie Williams/M Hay)
FREEDOM — (Written by George Michael/A-Side Cover by Robbie Williams)
FAMILY COACH—(Written by Steven Duffy)

GET THE JOKE— (Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers)
GET A LITTLE HIGH— (Written by Robbie Williams/B. Ottestad)

HAPPY EASTER (WAR IS OVER) — (Written by Robbie Williams/Boots Ottestad)
HAPPY SONG— (Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers)
HAPPY XMAS (WAR IS OVER) — (Written by John Lennon/Cover by Robbie Williams)

ITS ONLY US— (Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers)
I FEEL IT BUT CAN’T EXPLAIN— (Written by Robbie Williams/Steven Duffy)
I WOULDN’T NORMALLY DO THIS KIND OF THING— (Written by the Pet Shop Boys/Cover by Robbie Williams)
I AM THE RESURRECTION— (Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers)
I STARTED A JOKE— (Written by the Bee Gees/Cover by Robbie Williams)
IT’S DELOVELY— (Written by Cole Porter/Cover by Robbie Williams)
IT’S A BEAUIFUL DAY (Live)— (Written by U2/Cover by Robbie Williams)
IT’S NOT UNUSUAL(Live)— (Written by Tom Jones/Cover by Robbie Williams)
1974— (Written by Robbie Williams/Steven Duffy)
I BELIEVE IN XMAS TIME–(By Robbie Williams)
IN AND OUT OF LOVE–(By Robbie Williams)

JOHN’S GAY— (Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers)
JEALOUSY — (Written by PSB/Sang with Robbie Williams)

KOOKS— (Written by David Bowie/ Cover by Robbie Williams)
KARAOKE STAR— (Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers)
KILL ME OR CURE ME— (Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers)
KARAOKE OVERKILL— (Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers)

LOVE CHEAT— (Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers)
LONESTAR RISING—(By Robbie Williams/K.Andrews/D.Spencer)
LETS FACE THE MUSIC AND DANCE– (Sang by Robbie Williams/ Cole porter film)
LOLA—(Written by the kinks/cover by Robbie Williams)

MY NAME IS (Live)…(Written by Eninem/Cover by Robbie Williams)
MY CULTURE— (Written by Robbie Williams/Maxi Jazz/Feat. One Giant Leap) 
MAKING PLANS FOR NIGEL— (Written by Colin Moulding/Cover by Robbie Williams)
MEDLEY of songs from the FULL MONTY— (Written by S Harvey/R Newman/C Kenner/Cover by Robbie Williams/Tom Jones)
MY WAY (Live) — (Written by Jacques Revaux/Claude Francoise/Gilles Thibaut/Translated by Paul Anka/Cover by Robbie Williams)
MY WAY(Manchester live)—(Written by Jacques Revaux/Claude Francoise/Gilles Thibaut/Translated by Paul Anka/Cover by Robbie Williams)
MAKE ME PURE (EDIT)—(Written by Robbie Williams/Steven Duffy/C. Heath)
MEET THE STARS—(Written by Robbie Williams/Steven Duffy)
MESS ME UP—(By D.Spencer/K.Andrews)
MRS ROBINSON (LIVE)— Written by Simon & Garfunkel/Cover Robbie Williams/Oasis)
MILLENNIUM (Acoustic)–(Written by Robbie Williams)
MILLENNIUM (Live)–(Written by Robbie Williams)
MY GENERATION(Live @Camp Freddy)–(Written by The Who/cover by Robbie Williams)
MAKE ME PURE (ACOUSTIC) –(Written by Robbie Williams)

NORTHERN TOWN— (Written by Robbie Williams/Stephen Duffy)
NOBODY SOMEDAY— (Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers)
NOT OF THIS EARTH— (Written by Robbie Williams)

ONE FINE DAY— (Written by Robbie Williams)
OFTEN— (Written by Gary Nuttal)
ONE LOVE— (Written by U2/Cover by Robbie Williams)
OVERTUNE FOR BERLIN—(Written by Robbie Williams/Steven Duffy)
OUR LOVE—(Written by Robbie Williams/Steven Duffy)
ONLY ONE I KNOW—(Written by Mark Robsons/cover by Robbie Williams)

PLEASE PLEASE— (Written by Robbie Williams/Steven Duffy)
PLEASE DON’T TALK ABOUT ME WHEN I’M GONE— (Written by Frank Sinatra/cover by Robbie Williams/Dean Martin/ Forever cool album)

(R )
ROLLING STONE— (Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers)
ROME MUNICH ROME— (Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers)
ROCKS OFF— (Written by Bobby Gillespie/Robert Young/Andrew Innes/Cover by Robbie Williams)
ROLLING— (Written by Limp Bizkit/Cover by Robbie Williams)

SHE MAKES ME HIGH— (Written by Robbie Williams/Gary Nuttall/Guy Chambers)
STAND BY ME (Live demo) — (Written by Oasis? /Cover by Robbie Williams)
SURFACE NOISE— (Cover by Robbie Williams)
SWEET GENE VINCENT (Live)— (Written by Ian Dury/Cover by Robbie Williams)
SWEET HOME ALBAMBA (Live demo) — (Written by Ed King/Gary Rossington/Ronald Van Zant/Cover Version by Robbie Williams)
SHOULD I STAY OR SHOULD I GO (LIVE) — (Written by New Order/Cover Version by Robbie Williams)
SUMMERTIME— (Sang by Robbie Williams)
SEXED UP (DEMO) — (Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers)
SUPREME (FRENCH) — (Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers)
SUSPICIOUS MINDS— (Written by Mark James/Cover Version by Robbie Williams)
SONG 2— (Written by Blur/Cover Version by Robbie Williams)
SHE’S MADONNA —[Instrumental] 
SEX DRUGS AND ROCK AND ROLL(LIVE)—(Written by Ian Dury/cover by Robbie Williams) 
SOME DAY —[Written by Dy Lon/feat. Robbie Williams) 

TALK TO ME— (Written by Robbie Williams/Fil Eisler)
TOXIC— (Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers)
TEENAGE MILLIONARIE— (Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers)
THE POSTCARD— (Written by Steven Duffy)
THERE SHE GOES— (Written by the LA’S/Cover Version by Robbie Williams)
THE LADY IS A TRAMP— (Written by Lorenz Hart/Ricard Rodgers/Cover by Robbie Williams)
THAT’S LIFE— (Written by Dean Kay/Kelly Gordon/Cover by Robbie Williams/Pete Conway)
THERE ARE BAD TIMES JUST AROUND THE CORNER— (Written by Pete Gleadeall/Tom Stephan/Neil Tennant/Cover by Robbie Williams)
THAT OLE BLACK MAGIC— (Written by John Herndon Mercer/Cover by Robbie Williams/Jane Hollocks)
TWIST—(Written by Robbie Williams) 
THE ROAD TO MANDALAY–(By Robbie Williams)
TROUBLE — (Written by Elvis Presley/Cover By Robbie Williams)
TECHNO IS ****E– (By Robbie Williams)

UNITED— (Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers)
UGLY LOVE— (Written by Robbie Williams for X-Box)

VIDEO KILLED THE RADIO STAR (Live at the proms)—(Written by Trevor Horn/cover by Robbie Williams)

WALK THIS SLEIGH— (Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers)
WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS— (Written by Freddy Mercury/Cover by Robbie Williams)
WE WILL ROCK YOU— (Written by Brian Harold May/Cover by Robbie Williams)
WONDERWALL(Live) — (Written by Oasis/Cover by Robbie Williams)
WIMMIN‘— (Written by Ashey Hamilton/Robbie Williams) 
WHITE XMAS—(ANT AND DEC SHOW— (Sang by Robbie Williams) 

YOUR HISTORY— (Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers)
YOU’RE THE WHY—(Sang by Robbie Williams)



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