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Waiting… (película / movie)

Posted on: 8 octubre, 2010

Waiting… (2005)

Dirección: Rob McKittrick

Duración: 1h 34min

Género: Comedia

Actores: Anna Faris, Justin Long, Kaitlin Doubleday y Ryan Reynolds.

Sinopsis: Monty es un muchacho guapo, al que le gusta vivir el momento y no se preocupa por el futuro, trabajo en un bar como camarero, junto con su amigo Dean y Serena. Serena, es una chica trastornada, que cuenta con total confianza por parte de sus compañeros de trabajo. Pero a Dean, algo le pasa, él quiere más. Esta harto de su trabajo, y busca superarse… pero sus amigos…

Calificación: ( R ) Restringida -menores de 17 años requieren de acompañamiento de padres o tutor adulto (fuerte contenido sexual, contenido de drogas, lenguaje y humor groseros)

Synopsis: Learn why you should never send your food back and other valuable lessons in this over-the-top comedy set in the food service industry. Dean (Justin Long) and Monty (Ryan Reynolds) are two longtime friends who work as waiters as Shenanigan’s, a self-consciously “fun” chain restaurant. Both have been working at the restaurant since they graduated from high school; it’s only recently occurred to Dean that he has nothing to show for the last four years of his life but a community college diploma and his name tag from work, and he’s developed a sudden urgency to make something of himself. Monty, on the other hand, is more interested in making time with the women on the wait staff at work than accomplishing anything, though his recent relationship with fellow employee Serena (Anna Faris) has rather dramatically crashed and burned. Over the course of an evening at Shenanigan’s, Dean and Monty confront obnoxious customers and train timid new employee Mitch (John Francis Daley) while dealing with wildly eccentric chef Raddimus (Luis Guzman), control-freak manager Dan (David Koechner), and a kitchen full of crazed cooks, prep workers, and dish-washers. Waiting was the first feature film from writer and director Rob McKittrick.

Rating: ( R ) Restricted – younger than 17 years old need parental guidance. (strong sexual content, some drug content, language and gross humor)



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