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Fireflies in the Garden (película / movie)

Posted on: 11 octubre, 2010

Fireflies in the garden (2008)

Dirección: Dennis Lee

Duración: 1h 36min
Género: Drama
Actores: Carrie-Anne Moss, Emily Watson, Julia Roberts, Ryan Reynolds y Willem Dafoe.
Título en Argentina: Luciérnagas en el jardín

Sinopsis: Gran cinta dirigida por Dennis Lee, que desarrolla la historia de un joven que en su pasado, fuera abusado cruelmente por su padre. Michael, habría sufrido en carne propia la crudeza de una vida llena de golpes y violencia, a excepción del pequeño submundo que su madre le brindaba. Después de muchos años, Michael retorna a casa, estando a punto de publicar su libro, hecho que coincide con el entierro de su madre.

Calificación: ( R ) Restringida -menores de 17 años requieren de acompañamiento de padres o tutor adulto (lenguaje y contenido sexual)

Synopsis: An average American family suffers from a grave and unexpected loss that forces its members to confront past issues in this all-star ensemble drama from acclaimed director Dennis Lee (Jesus Henry Christ). Julia Roberts stars as Lisa Taylor, the wife of a college professor, Charlie (Willem Dafoe), living in the Midwest. As the tale opens, the aging couple are proud parents of two grown and reasonably successful children, Michael (Ryan Reynolds) and Ryne (Shannon Lucio). Then tragedy strikes: not long after Michael arrives in town (visiting from Manhattan), Lisa perishes in a fatal car accident, leaving the family bereft of its matriarch. As the devastated Taylors feebly attempt to cope with their loss, tensions resurface that have long boiled beneath the surface between Charlie and Michael; meanwhile, Michael’s estranged wife, Kelly (Carrie-Anne Moss), turns up at the funeral to pay her respects to Lisa and gradually begins making amends with Michael. When Michael announces to the family that he’s planning to publish a memoir about his childhood, Lisa’s younger sister, Jane (Emily Watson), grows horrified that it will unearth devastating long-buried skeletons from the family’s past; moreover, it seems that prior to her death, Lisa was guarding one major secret of her own that lingers just out of view and threatens to destroy everyone’s sense of familial security when it finally comes to light.

Rating: ( R ) Restricted – younger than 17 years old need parental guidance (for language and some sexual content).

Trailer en español




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