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Los 100 Hombres Más Calientes 2011 de OnFeminine

OnFeminine, una revista británica en línea para las mujeres, tiene un concurso.
Caliente o no: la celebridad con la puntuación más alta y la mayoría de votos será coronada como el Hombre Más Caliente de 2011.

Vota ya por Ryan Reynolds! Un voto por cada estrella por día es permitido!


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SoFeminine’s 100 Hottest Men 2011

SoFeminine, a british online magazine for women, have got a contest.

Hot or not: The celeb with the highest score and the most votes will be crowned Hottest Man of 2011.

Vote now for RYAN REYNOLDS! One vote for each star allowed per day!


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<<< actualizado 6 de julio de 2012 >>>
<<< updated July 6, 2012 >>>

Karin, administradora de Ryan Reynolds Overdose, publicó lo siguiente:

Nikki de Nueva York me envió un e-mail ayer y me dijo que podría haber encontrado un tatuaje desconocido en el cuerpo de Ryan. Nooo, ella no inspeccionó el cuerpo en persona, pero estaba viendo “The Proposal” y ahí Ryan reveló este tatuaje (posiblemente) por medio segundo. Está en el muslo derecho y parecen ser cuatro o cinco líneas de escritura y una sola línea horizontal. Gracias Nikki por hacerme saber acerca de esto! Espero que podamos ver más fotos de ese misterioso tatuaje!

Karin, administrator of Ryan Reynolds Overdose, posted this:

Nikki from NYC emailed me yesterday and told me she might have found an unknown tattoo on Ryan’s body. Nooo, she didn’t inspect his body in person, she was watching “The Proposal” and there Ryan revealed this tattoo (possibly) for half a second. It goes down his right thigh and seems to be four of five lines of writing and one horizontal line. Thanks Nikki for letting me know about this! Hopefully we will see more pictures of that mysterious tattoo!

Source: Ryan Reynolds Overdose

Ryan fue fotografiado el 4 de julio de 2012, vistiendo un short de baño. En esas fotos se pueden ver más detalles de éste tatuaje.

Ryan was photographed on July 4, 2012, wearing a swim trunk. In those pictures you can see more details of this tattoo.

Para más información, lee Ryan Reynolds: Tatuajes

For more information, read Ryan Reynolds: Tattoos

Este año, Karin, administradora del sitio Ryan Reynolds Overdose, convocó a todas las fans de Ryan alrededor del mundo a enviarle un regalo para él (poesía, dibujo, tarjeta, video, etc.) con los que ella armaría un libro y lo pondría en Internet.

Podrás ver su fabuloso trabajo 2011 Ryan Reynolds Birthday Book y todos los regalos de los fans para Ryan.

This year, Karin, administrator of the website Ryan Reynolds Overdose, summoned all Ryan fans around the world to send a gift to him (poetry, drawing, card, video,etc..) with whom she would arm a book and put it online.

You can see her fabulous work 2011 Ryan Reynolds Birthday Book and all the gifts from the fans to Ryan.



  People Choice Awards 2012 – encuesta

Ryan está en 2 categorías: Actor Favorito y Estrella Favorita de Película de Acción (por “The Green Lantern”).

Ryan no está en la categoría Actor Favorito de Película Cómica (por “The Change-Up”), pero se le puede añadir en la ventana inferior izquierda.

“The Green Lantern” se encuentra en categoría Película de Acción Favorita.

“The Green Lantern” no está en la categoría Película Favorita, pero se puede añadir en la ventana inferior izquierda.

“The Change-Up” no está en la categoría Comedia Favorita, pero se puede añadir.

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People’s Choice Awards 2012 – poll

Ryan is in 2 categories: Favorite Movie Actor  and Favorite Action Movie Star (by “The Green Lantern”).

Ryan isn’t in the category Favorite Comedic Movie Actor (by “The Change-Up”), but you can add him at the bottom left window.

“The Green Lantern” is in Favorite Action Movie category.

“The Green Lantern” isn’t on Favorite Movie category, but you can add it at the bottom left window.

“The Change-Up” isn’t in Favourite Comedy Movie category, but you can add it.

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What kind of Ryan Reynolds fan are you?  < Quiz >

If you met Ryan, which of the following would you be most likely to do?
a) Cry uncontrollably and tell him how much he means to me between sobs.
b) You scream. Like insane.
c) Remain completely calm, shake his hand, give him a hug, tell him what an inspirational person he is.
d) Ask for his autograph, get a hug and have my picture taken with him.

Today is the release date of “RIPD” DVD! So you…
a) Cry for joy.
b) Head down to the store and get to the head of the line!
c) Have had it on hold for the past six months.
d) Will probably head out and pick it up sometime this week.

What about Ryan really interests you the most?
a) So much. You don’t even understand… he brings me to tears.
b) Everything! I love everything about him, down to the last beautiful strand of hair on his head.
c) A lot of different things. His personality, his world views… he’s just very intriguing in general.
d) His films, mostly.

What would you do if Ryan kissed you?
a) Cry with joy.
b) Tear his clothes off!
c) Be extremely flattered and kiss him back.
d) Be very happy and think: I’m a lucky person!

Are you Ryan Number One fan?
a) Yeah! I love him! Nobody could possibly understand how much I love him… if you knew how often I cried over him, you’d know no…
b) YES! And don’t you f***ing forget it!
c) I might be, I might not be. I really love him. He’s a huge part of my life, and I think that I’m a valuable fan.
d) Probably not. I really like him, but there are some crazy fans out there. I don’t want to make any commitments with those psy.

Add your points…
Answer a)  2 points
Answer b)  4 points
Answer c)  3 points
Answer d)  1 point

What kind of Ryan Reynolds fan are you?

5-8 points: You’re just a regular fan! Ryan impresses you in a lot of ways. You think he’s a great actor, and you think he’s a genius acting. You really do love him artistically, but you don’t much care about him as a person. You might even not like him at all. Then again, you might just be a normal person.

9-12 points: You’re an emotional fan! You’re the type of fan who screams louder than anyone else at films premieres and cries so hard that you need to be taken away in a stretcher.
Ryan is really a huge part of your life right now. You’re in love with him beyond what words can express, and every day you’re more and more frustrated because he’ll never know how you feel. You feel like nobody understands how much you love him sometimes, but hey! We’re all here for you, girl! Believe it or not, there are a few people out there who love Ryan as much as you, and believe it or not, one day you’re going to calm down, take a look at this obsession, and realize that as much as you love Ryan, you can’t let that love take away from your happiness. You’ll always love him, but on a much more healthy level. Don’t let yourself get too caught up.

13-16 points: You’re a super fan! Ryan is somebody who is important to you now, and probably has been for a long time. He’ll always be a huge part of your life. You truely love him. You’re one of those people who really give his fanbase strength and longevity. Sometimes you just like to sit and think about how wonderful he is, and what he’s done for the world. He intrigues and fascinates you. You love him for every reason that you possibly could. You love his personality, his ability as an entertainer, his history, everything. In a lot of ways, you feel like you understand him. You’re true-blue to the end.

17-20 points: You’re completely insane! This aside, it’s mental cases like yourself that really catapult a celebrity into superstardom. A star ain’t a star without a couple of crazys like you. From what I can deduct here, it sounds like you’ve tried to break into Ryan’s house more than once, and you’re probably on a first name basis with the security staff. Ryan needs fans like you. You rock!


New York Comic Con: director creativo de DC Entertainment tiene esperanzas de una secuela para la película “Green Lantern”

Geoff Johns dijo que “existe la esperanza de que finalmente logremos ver una (segunda parte)” a pesar de la taquilla más débil de lo esperado para la película de este verano, y anunció que “Robot Chicken” de Adult Swim hará un especial de DC Comics el próximo verano.

10/14/2011 por Georg Szalai

NUEVA YORK – Geoff Johns, director creativo de DC Entertainment, una división de Warner Bros. de Time Warner(TW), expresó este viernes su esperanza de que habrá otra película de Green Lantern.
Hablando en un panel en el New York Comic Con, dijo: “existe la esperanza de que finalmente logremos ver una (segunda parte)”. La película de Warner Bros. que se centró en el superhéroe a comienzos de este año fue vista como una decepción en taquilla. Johns en algún momento durante el panel del viernes, dijo sobre la película Green Lantern de este verano que “obviamente, quieres que sea tan grande como el Titanic.” Sin embargo, agregó: “Espero que el personaje tenga otra película, y será de acción en vivo de nuevo – lo garantizo.”
El director ejecutivo y presidente de TW Jeff Bewkes, dijo previamente que la presentación de este verano, con Ryan Reynolds, “no estuvo a la altura de las expectativas. Cayó bastante lejos de eso”.
La decisión sobre una secuela potencial vendría “a su debido tiempo”, dijo también Bewkes. Fuentes dijeron anteriormente a The Hollywood Reporter, sin embargo, que Warner Bros. no se daba por vencido con una secuela.
Durante una mesa redonda titulada “Green Lantern All Access”, Johns dijo el viernes que mientras los críticos dijeron que la película no tuvo el desarrollo del carácter suficiente – un sentimiento expresado también por un miembro del público durante la mesa redonda – él estaba contento de haber presentado el personaje de Green Lantern a un montón de gente nueva.
“Hubo un montón de cosas realmente buenas en la película”, dijo Johns, quien agregó que el DVD con los cortes del director que se está promoviendo en estos momentos incluye escenas añadidas que se suman a la historia del protagonista y su carácter.
Johns también mencionó la próxima serie animada de Green Lantern que se verá en Cartoon Network de TW. “Con la nueva serie animada, Green Lantern sólo puede hacerse más importante”, dijo.
Destacando que se trata de la primera serie de animación CGI basada en un personaje de DC, Johns también prometido a los fans que “habrá más” series semejantes. Aunque, no dio más detalles.
También en New York Comic Con, el viernes Johns anunció que la serie Robot Chicken de Adult Swim de la red de cable de TW va a hacer un especial de DC Comics el próximo verano que será en el estilo del especial de Star Wars.

New York Comic Con: DC Entertainment Creative Chief Hopeful for ‘Green Lantern’ Film Sequel

Geoff Johns said “there is the hope that we will eventually see one” despite the weaker-than-hoped box office for this summer’s movie and announced that Adult Swim’s “Robot Chicken” will do a DC Comics special next summer.

10/14/2011 by Georg Szalai

NEW YORK – Geoff Johns, chief creative officer at DC Entertainment, a unit of Time Warner’s Warner Bros., expressed hope here Friday that there will be another Green Lantern film.
Speaking on a panel at New York Comic Con, he said: “There is the hope that we will eventually see one.” The Warner Bros. film that focused on the superhero earlier this year was seen as a box office disappointment. Johns at some point during Friday’s panel said about this summer’s Green Lantern film that “obviously, you want it to be as big as Titanic.” But he added: “I hope that the character gets another film, and it will be live-action again – I guarantee.”
TW chairman and CEO Jeff Bewkes said previously that this summer’s release, featuring Ryan Reynolds, “did not live up to expectations – fell fairly far short of those.”
A decision on a potential sequel would come “in due course,” Bewkes also said. Sources previously told The Hollywood Reporter though that Warner Bros. was not giving up on a sequel.
Speaking during a panel entitled “Green Lantern All Access,” Johns on Friday said that while critics said the movie didn’t have enough character development – a feeling also expressed by an audience member during the panel – he was happy that it introduced the Green Lantern character to a lot of new people.
“There was a lot of really good stuff in the movie,” Johns said, adding that a director’s cut DVD that is being promoted right now includes added scenes that add to the protagonist’s story and character.
Johns also mentioned the upcoming animated Green Lantern series on TW’s Cartoon Network. “With the new animated series, Green Lantern is only going to get bigger,” he said.
Highlighting that it is the first CGI animated series based on a DC character, Johns also promised fans that “there will be more” such series. He didn’t provide further details though.
Also at New York Comic Con on Friday, Johns announced that the Robot Chicken series on TW cable network Adult Swim will do a DC Comics special next summer that will be in the vein of the show’s Star Wars special.

Source: Heat Vision

Trailer de la serie animada de “Green Lantern” que se verá por Cartoon Network.

Trailer of the animated “Green Lantern” series on Cartoon Network.